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We don't just teach English (and other languages), we teach personalised English. Because of this, we don't offer the typical one-size-fits-all classes.

​All of our classes are very small. For younger kids the maximum class size is 9 students, for levels B1 and up the maximum size is 7.
We adapt our classes to the requirements of our students, so please contact us so that we can find (or create) the perfect class for you.

Any level, any certificate.

We have experience with all the main English certificates, so we can prepare our students for the test that best suits them.

Most of our students prepare for the Cambridge, APTIS and Trinity exams so we usually have groups available for these tests.

We also offer preparation classes for any other exam, we have helped students prepare for IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge Linguaskill and others.

If you are unsure which exam is the best for you, or if you just want to obtain a certificate that will be recognised by the company or institution you are applying for, we will help you choose the test that suits you best..

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