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We don't just teach English (and other languages), we teach personalised English. Because of this, we don't offer the typical one-size-fits-all classes.


We adapt our classes to the requirements of our students, so please contact us so that we can find (or create) the perfect class for you.

Students in school, bachillerato, selectividad and FP

Whether you want to improve your English marks, understand more about the other subjects you have in English, prepare for a certificate or combine a bit of everything, we have the class for you. Or, if we don't have one, we'll create one.

We offer fun classes in small groups where everyone gets all the attention they need.

Since we don't follow an exact curriculum, there is always time to learn more about a specific topic, prepare for next week's difficult exam, or look at this week's English homework.

We can also help you prepare for any of the various national exams.

University students

If you are a university student or preparing to go to university, we can help you.

In addition to English classes to obtain the necessary certification for your degree, we also offer guidance and assistance for students who are interested in studying abroad.

Both of us have experience with international university applications, ISEP, Erasmus and international student life in general. We will help you choose the perfect course and university for you, understand what the requirements are and guide you through the application process.

For those who are already in university, we can also help you with any coursework in English.

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