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We don't just teach English (and other languages), we teach personalised English. Because of this, we don't offer the typical one-size-fits-all classes.


We adapt our classes to the requirements of our students, so please contact us so that we can find (or create) the perfect class for you.

Professional English

Today we live in an interconnected world, the importance of English is growing in all sectors of work.

We have experience working in a variety of sectors, from online marketing and journalism to hospitality and facilities management.

Our professional courses are totally personalised, individual or in small groups of students with similar levels and objectives.

We also offer the possibility to create your own group with friends, colleagues or family who want to improve their English together.

For businesses

Whether it is to improve the English level of your sales team, offer courses as a benefit to your employees or make sure that the waiters in your restaurant can communicate with tourists.

We offer company courses for groups or individuals, adapted to your needs. Classes can be given in the workplace, in our academy or online.

We can also help internationalise your company's communications, improving your ability to do business with clients across Europe and the world. Please visit our services page for more information.

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