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Hi, we are Encarny and Thomas. Welcome to our website!

At our language centre we teach with passion. We also offer a variety of other services related to languages for businesses and individuals. We also offer classes and all of our other services online.

​After several years studying and working in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and elsewhere, Encarny has returned to the place where she grew up to share her passion for languages and the world.

Encarny holds a C2 English certificate and is an examiner for Cambridge, she teaches English up to level C1, Italian and Spanish for expats, using a unique method that she has developed over the years.

Living in El Ejido since 2015, Thomas grew up in the Netherlands in an international family. Native in English and Dutch (but also speaks other languages), with French nationality. He studied in London and worked in Dublin for Microsoft and Google among others. Thomas is a true product of the European Union.

Thomas teaches English at all levels from B1 onwards, he is also responsible for translations and language consultancy. He has a degree in Journalism, along with a CELTA teaching certification. He is also an examiner for Cambridge.

All of our classes are very small. For younger kids the maximum class size is 9 students, for levels B1 and up the maximum size is 7.

The easiest and fastest way to get more information is to call us or send a WhatsApp to Encarny (+34640152994) for classes or to Thomas (+34640081426).

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