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We don't just teach English (and other languages), we teach personalised English. Because of this, we don't offer the typical one-size-fits-all classes.

​All of our classes are very small. For younger kids the maximum class size is 9 students, for levels B1 and up the maximum size is 7.
We adapt our classes to the requirements of our students, so please contact us so that we can find (or create) the perfect class for you.

Classes for everyone

Languages are for everyone! From those young of age to those young at heart, from beginners to experts. We also have experience teaching students with special needs

We teach individual classes or classes in small groups.

With classes for everyone come prices for everyone. We do every effort to offer our classes at the best price possible.

Classes where and when it suits you.

To make our classes accessible to everyone, we always organise them thinking first and foremost about our students.

We can teach classes at our language centre, online, at your home or at your workplace.

When we form a new individual or group class, we always strive to find a timetable that suits all the students as well as possible.

Classes for any objective

Regardless of why you are learning a language, we can help. We offer classes to prepare for all the major certifications and public exams, help with school or university work, professional classes and much more.

English certifications

We have experience with all the main English certificates. That's why we can help our students to prepare for any certification: Cambridge (A2-C2), Trinity (A2-C2), APTIS (Multilevel), IELTS (Multilevel), TOEFL (Multilevel), etc.

If you are not sure which certification suits your needs best, we'll help you choose. (Of course, we'll also help you with exam registration.)

School, work and much more

Of course, we offer classes to students of all ages to help them improve at any subject they have in English.

We have ample experience preparing people for public professional exams in various areas, such as law enforcement, healthcare and education.

We are also there those who are looking help with something specific, such as a job interview or university project, and those who don't have a specific objective and simply want to learn a language.


We also offer tailored professional courses in any area of work. 

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